La Joya Elementary School

The Santa Rita Union School District embarked upon the seismic retrofit of La Joya Elementary School following publication of the list of school sites that included Category 2 buildings, indicating that the La Joya School had seismic deficiencies. The proposed project included structural improvements to 10 classrooms, the administration building, library, computer lab, and all walkway canopies. The campus fire alarm system was also upgraded for all buildings on site. Student and staff safety was of utmost importance to the District in their decision to move ahead with the Seismic Mitigation Program. Due to the fact that sufficient matching funds were not available, the District also submitted for Financial Hardship funding. Once Financial Hardship was awarded, the District moved quickly with securing a structural engineer to start the DSA review process for the Seismic Mitigation Program.   Vanir was the CM on the project.

WMA managed the OPSC, CDE and DSA processes developing a design that created a new secure entry as well as a complete retrofit, Prop 39 mechanical upgrade and new finishes in less that 18 months.

1 Exising Library Framing12 seismic joint13 Entry finishes