Foothill County Annex

San Jose, CA

At SCCOE’s Foothill High School County Annex, dramatic overhangs protect vertical surfaces from solar heat gain, allow the use of large windows that bring in natural light, and provide sheltered spaces that encourage outdoor activities.

Foothill County Annex was designed with utmost regard for resource conservation and healthy indoor environments. Recycled finish materials; low VOC flooring, paint, and cabinetry; skylights; operable windows; low-flow water fixtures; drought-resistant landscaping – these are just a few of the things that were employed in this new four-classroom building as part of both the district and the architects’ commitment to responsible building practices.

High ceilings in all classrooms permit tall windows that let in maximum natural light. Tall ceilings also allow warm air (and contaminants) to rise high above occupants, where it is vented out by efficient HVAC systems.

The U-shaped floor plan creates a comfortable, protected outdoor courtyard with seating and a vegetable garden. This courtyard is shaded by the beautiful existing full-size redwood trees.IMG_8045IMG_2576 (1)