Britton Auditorium

Morgan Hill, CA

The original Britton Auditorium was originally constructed in the 1940’s as part of Britton Middle School. The years of wear and tear took its toll on the building leaving it in dire need of an upgrade. Action was finally taken when large chunks of concrete started to fall off the auditorium exterior. WMA did a complete exterior remodel and structural upgrade to the building securing hardship and emergency grants from the State Office of Public School Construction in 1999 to get the job done.

WMA demolished the exterior concrete panels and implemented new drainage, a new roof, and new reinforcement to the outer walls. Among these upgrades was ADA-compliant accessibility to the space. New exterior light fixtures add the finishing touch to the preservation of an historic landmark the whole community can enjoy. The front facade faces Monterey Road just a short distance from Morgan Hill’s downtown area.